Customer Service Representative (CSR) in Semarang

customer service representative in Semarang

Good quality Customer Service Representative is a key success to retain your current accounts. In certain cases, Customer Service Representative may act also as the main point of customer inquiries. If successfully executed, Customer Service Representative can bring a new business. When a customer needs assistance with navigating one of your products, a highly-skilled Customer Service Representative can help. When a customer files a complaint, how a Customer Service Representative responds may determine the future relationship between your company and the customer.

Customer Service Representative provides information about your company, product or availability and helps to arrange technical services. A Customer Service Representative is also highly skilled in handling customer complaints. A Customer Service Representative that can speak proficient and fluent English is highly desirable to handle services for your local and international customers.

Cekindo as Your Customer Service Representative in Semarang

Cekindo Semarang
Accommodating your business through the use of Customer Service Representative services in Semarang can bring you significant cost savings, as compared to a bigger city like Jakarta or a popular tourist destination like Bali. You may need to think whether you prefer to open your branch office in Semarang or rather to find a local provider who can be your Customer Service Representative as per the service level agreement with you. Both options have their own benefits and it all depends on your business needs.If you are thinking of having a CSR in Semarang and want to know more about this service, get in touch with us by filling in the form below. We will get back to you with a proposed solution to satisfy your business needs.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Semarang

Outsourcing business operations to a suitable location like Semarang can bring significant cost savings to your operational costs, especially when you are running a business in Indonesia. Before making a decision to outsource, it is necessary to come up with a proper plan and find a suitable business process outsourcing partner.

Why Outsource Your Business Operations to Semarang

Semarang is perceived to be a good location to start your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), mainly because of the lower labour costs in comparison to other Indonesian regions, like the capital city Jakarta or a highly popular tourist destination Bali. Despite the lower labour costs, it would not be difficult to find skilled human resources. By outsourcing your business operations, you can have more time to focus on the core activities that will support the growth of your business in Indonesia.

Portfolio of business services that can be outsourced is very wide. In general, businesses outsource the following tasks to a business process outsourcing provider:

BPO Semarang icon
  • Accounting and tax reporting
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Documentation review to ensure compliance
  • Customer help desk (call center)
  • Recruitment of employees
Cekindo BPO Provider in Semarang

Cekindo as Your Business Process Outsourcing Provider in Semarang

Having a team of professional consultants and experienced specialists, ranging from HR to payroll, tax and accounting, Cekindo understands the needs of our clients and the challenges they face when carrying out their business operations in Indonesia. Our range of services include, but not limited to, the above-mentioned points. Are you intending to launch your operations in Semarang? To know more about how our business process outsourcing services in Semarang can help your business, get in touch with us by filling in the form below. We will get back to you with a proposed solution to satisfy your business needs.

Local Representation in Semarang

With an international seaport, improved infrastructure, a strategic location that is not far from the capital city of Indonesia Jakarta and affordable labour wages as well as operational costs, Semarang has become the rising star for businesses, either local or foreign, in recent years.
In a case where a foreign entrepreneur or a foreign business would like to perform certain business activities in Semarang, but prefer to establish a required legal entity at a later time, local representation in Semarang regency or other regions in the neighborhood is the right option to successfully start a business and penetrate the market.

Cekindo as Your Local Representative in Semarang

Local Representation Semarang

Providing local representation service in Semarang independently, a team of local specialists and experts at Cekindo will be able to increase your organisational flexibility by cooperating with a number of local partners not only in Semarang but also in other Indonesian cities. Furthermore, we will be able to lighten your workload by managing and coordinating your local activities, especially for activities that are closely related to sales, distribution, purchasing or human resources.

Through regular communication with specific local partners in Semarang and other Cekindo offices, Cekindo will support you in maintaining and strengthening relations with your business partners across the archipelago. This will certainly promote mutually beneficial business relationships and allow new opportunities to grow.

To know more about how our local representation services can help your business operations in Semarang, get in touch with us by filling in the form below. We will get back to you with a proposed solution to satisfy your business needs.

HR Recruitment Services in Semarang

Cekindo Crew

Maximizing HR Recruitment in Semarang

Hiring the right employees is one of the factors of HR recruitment that significantly contributes to success. However, finding suitable candidates to grow your business is not as simple as it seems.

Finding an HR recruitment service provider can be a solution to maximizing the output of finding the right employees. An HR recruitment service provider will keep your company running while focusing on core business matters without worrying about hunting for the appropriate employees.

HR Recruitment Services in Semarang by Cekindo

Having many year of experience in the Indonesian market, we are known for our HR recruitment services. Cekindo can swiftly find and recruit suitable candidates that can support business growth in Semarang.

Our HR recruitment services also include an extensive network and rich resources. Therefore, our HR professionals can perform an executive search and recruit the most suitable employees for any business purpose, whether local or international.

Cekindo Crew

Cekindo’s HR recruitment services in Semarang

Start HR Recruitment with Cekindo


Broad & Resourceful Network

Cekindo’s HR recruitment services hold a broad, resourceful network to find the right candidates as quickly as possible.


Complete HR Services

HR recruitment services from Cekindo offer complete assistance in searching for candidates as well as handling the administrative operations in your company


Time and Cost Saving

With Cekindo’s HR recruitment services in Semarang, you can focus on maintaining business operations without having to worry about the recruitment process

Serviced Office and Virtual Office in Semarang

Why Virtual & Serviced Offices?

Serviced office and virtual office in Semarang are convenient business solutions for independent entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Semarang is known for its emerging business potential especially in sectors such as the manufacturing and textile industry.

The expanding city’s infrastructure (LRT, airport and Jakarta-Surabaya toll road), and cheaper labour costs are boosting other smaller industries and attracting both foreign and domestic investors.

However, the city does not have sufficient office spaces. Flexible space and time is not the only benefit that is offered by both virtual and serviced offices. You can also save overhead costs significantly while maintaining professionalism and brand image.


Virtual Office Semarang

In Indonesia, it is forbidden to use a residential address for business purposes. To obtain a certificate of domicile required during company incorporation, a business address must be used. The policy that is aimed to improve the business climate in big cities causes headaches to many investors in Semarang as the insufficient amount of offices shoots up the prices.

A virtual office is an office building located in a business area. Thus, both foreign and Indonesian entrepreneurs can register their business address without renting an actual office. The building is, however, fully equipped offering desks and other facilities suitable for business meetings. Not only a logo of your company is displayed at the entrance, but a team of business consultants handles your calls and mail to ensure smooth operation of your company.

Our virtual office in Semarang offers numerous benefits to modern-day businesses, including:

Business Address - icon

A professional business address in city center

Having a professional business address in the city center will help enhance the image of your company. This address can be used on your business card and letterhead as well as for business administration.


Mailing - Virtual Office in Semarang

Mailing address
We provide you with a mailing address that comes with a proper mailbox, where people can reach you via post. Our mailing address can be used to receive, send and redirect your mail.



Calls handling
In addition, if you require a dedicated phone number in Semarang with personalised call answering for a more immediate communication, Cekindo will provide you with such.


Meeting room - icon

Meeting room or conference room
Do you have any business meetings in Semarang that require a convenient and professional environment? Upon request, Cekindo can provide you with equipped meeting rooms for meetings and business discussions.


Consuntancy -Virtual Office in Semarang
Free Business Consultancy
Our experienced consultants and legal specialists are available on site to support your business growth. By leveraging our knowledge and extensive experience, we can provide you with the best advice or guidance to further grow your business in Semarang and in Indonesia.


Virtual Office Semarang Packages

prestigious address - icon

You will get a prestigious business address in a premium location with an affordable price. This address then can be used for company registration in Semarang. Along with a prestigious address, you will also get a Domicile Letter.

mail - icon

Other than a virtual office address for your company, you can also enjoy mail and call handling services. A professional receptionist will answer your calls on behalf of your company, whether in Indonesian or in English.

ultimate package - icon

As the name says, our Ultimate Package offers all of our virtual office services, from a prestigious business address and a Domicile Letter to call handling and mail forwarding services.


All packages are available for a choice of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. Purchase Now.

Serviced Office in Semarang

On the contrary to a virtual office Semarang, a serviced office is an actual workspace that offers several office solutions. Investors can opt for private offices that are rented on a monthly or yearly basis, rent a meeting room to organise business meetings or pay for a desk at co-working space. All in a fully equipped office environment.

Benefits offered by a serviced office in Semarang include:

Save time - Virtual Office in Semarang
No setup time
With a serviced office, there is no need to go through the company incorporation process that costs both your time and money.


save cost - Virtual Office in Semarang
No overhead costs
You can minimise overhead costs that can be expensive sometimes.


You will not have to deal with the rigidity of a traditional office space. When you want to upgrade or downsize, it will be easy and convenient because serviced offices come in many sizes.

Cekindo serviced office in Semarang not only offers a broad variety of offices, but also a consulting team that is happy to provide you with on-site market entry solutions anytime during the working hours.

Taxation & Accounting Outsourcing Services in Semarang

Being one of the most important business centres in Java, Semarang is an ideal place for foreign investors to start their businesses.

While most of them emphasise a process of company registration and securing a proper visa, outsourcing tax and accounting in Semarang is an important factor to not be underestimated.

Cekindo is a member of 3E Accounting International, a global accounting network that embraces top international accounting firms worldwide. We are pleased to be the agency that represents Indonesia and offer our clients integrated one-stop accounting services.

Outsource Accounting and Tax Compliance in Semarang with Cekindo

We Take Care of:

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Individual Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Local Taxes in Semarang

Unravelling Myths about Accounting and Taxes

Unfortunately, many foreign nationals living or working in Indonesia are not familiar with corporate and individual tax regulations.

To the surprise of many, it is not only companies and locals that are obliged to pay taxes in Indonesia. Expats staying in Indonesia for more than 180 days during one taxation year must apply for a taxation number known as NPWP.

Why Outsource Tax and Accounting in Semarang to Cekindo

Cekindo accounting - high quality icon


We constantly provide high quality service by seeking to understand your issues and needs. Our solutions are personalised for each and every business.

Cekindo accounting - professionals icon


We are the best at what we do through years of professional experience. Cekindo has a team of accounting staff and tax specialists that have the right skills to get it done will not stop until reach client is satisfied.

Cekindo accounting - complete package icon


We do not do things halfheartedly. To ensure client satisfaction, we offer a complete package that includes accounting services, tax reporting services and auditing services.

Cekindo accounting - save time money icon


Save time and minise cost as you outsource your accounting and tax. Your talents can focus on business strategies that will help grow your business.

Trying to keep updated with continually changing Indonesian legislation might be a waste of time. It would be best if you can allocate your precious time to create the most suitable strategies that can support your business growth in Indonesia.

Cooperate with Cekindo instead, outsource payroll, audits or filing tax reports, so your finance department can prioritise activities that bring you profit.

Let’s discuss your tax and accounting outsourcing needs in Semarang. Start by filling in the form below.

Work Permit Application in Semarang

Securing a work permit in Semarang is something you should be very careful of when working in the city or employing a foreign national there. The number of expats coming to Semarang is on the rise, the city is booming, and the government takes a close look at foreign employment law violations.

The patience of Indonesian immigration officers came to an end, no matter what Indonesian city you work. Not having a correct visa is a risk that no company or individual should take. Cekindo is here to make sure that your work permit meets all the legal requirements. The application process might be a tough hurdle, but we will handle it for you.

Unravelling the Myths about a Work Permit

Better safe than sorry – a work permit, work visa and business visa are not the same, and it is important not to confuse them.

A work permit (IMTA) is the only document which allows its holders to be legally employed in Indonesia. Its application usually goes hand in hand with a work permit, but one does not replace the other.

It is important to take note that President of Indonesia Joko Widodo has issued Regulation No. 20 of 2018 on Expatriate Placement Plan (“Reg 20/2018”). This regulation has become effective since 26 June 2018, to replace the old regulation No. 72 of 2014 (“Reg 72/2014”).

Under the new regulation, IMTA is no longer required. In PresReg 72/2014, employers employing foreign workers are required to obtain IMTA (work permit) from the Manpower Minister. Following the enforcement of the new regulation, IMTA is simplified as it is combined with RPTKA.

In March 2021, the Indonesian Government issued The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Regulation No. 8/2021 that revoked MOM Regulations No. 10/2018 concerning The Employment of Foreign Workers. The recent regulation stipulates that RPTKA approval now serves as the basis for the authority to grant a limited stay visa (VITAS). Once you have received a VITAS, the immigration in Indonesia will issue your limited stay permit (KITAS/ITAS).

The process might take 2 months while the validity of the permit is limited to a maximum of 1 or 6 months or 1 year.

Outsourcing the process will save you the precious time, and we will make sure that a foreign national will join your team in Semarang as soon as possible.

Work Permit Requirements in Semarang

work permit Indonesia - applicant icon

  • Previous work experience
  • Specific job field and title
work permit Indonesia - corporate icon

  • Medium or large-sized company
  • Government monthly fee of 100 USD

Work Permit Application in Semarang with Cekindo

Our team consists of visa and permit specialists and legal experts that are more than happy to provide guidance and assist you with your work permit application in Semarang. For almost 10 years, we have assisted thousands of clients with both visa and work permit applications, not only in Semarang but also across Indonesia.

Get in touch with us by filling in the form below.

Kickstart Your Business in Semarang and Central Java

Opportunity for Doing Business in Semarang and Central Java

Semarang and other regions located in Central Java are consistently promoted for investments in Indonesia. With energy industries already thriving, there is still much-untapped opportunity for doing business in Semarang and Central Java. Cekindo will assist your need to penetrate the potential market.

Maps Semarang and East Java

Ways to Grow Your Business in Semarang and Central Java

Download our eBook, “Guide to Doing Business in Semarang”

Located strategically between Jakarta and Surabaya, Semarang offers an investment-friendly appeal to foreign entrepreneurs. As the fifth largest metropolitan city in the country, Semarang is full of investment opportunities and is rich in infrastructure. Find out more about business opportunities in Semarang by downloading our eBook.

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Find business opportunities in Semarang with InCorp Indonesia

Watch our video and find out what Semarang offers for your business expansion plans.

Why Invest in Semarang?



Semarang’s strategic location enables foreign investors to conveniently reach any destination on Java. Situated on the northern coast of Central Java, Semarang operates both an international airport and seaport which further connects them to all major Javanese cities.



In comparison to Indonesia’s capital city, Semarang is a more affordable city. Labour and land are less than half the price of the standard in Jakarta, meaning you will be able to expand your business processes more efficiently.



The Indonesian government fully supports the development of Semarang and Central Java, attracting foreign investors. The government also invests in the industrial park in Semarang while also proactively cooperating with foreign countries like Singapore.

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