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Exit Permit Only (EPO) for KITAS Holders in Indonesia

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  • 16 April 2019
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It is very important for foreigners to know that if you wish to work in any part of Indonesia, you will need to apply for a work permit and a KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara, or temporary residency permit).

There are three types of KITAS: employment KITAS, spouse-sponsored KITAS and retirement KITAS. With that being said, you will need to have a sponsor to apply for your KITAS, either by your spouse or your company, or that you have fulfilled the requirement of being a retiree who is qualified for a KITAS.

You should always keep in mind that KITAS allows you to stay but does not allow you to work. Thus, you will need both work permit and KITAS in order to work and stay legally at the same time in Indonesia.

Furthermore, in cases when you are switching between jobs or changing your KITAS type, you must apply for an Exit Permit Only (EPO). You should not take the application of EPO lightly as you may be refused entry to Indonesia Indonesia again without completing it.

This article elaborates the importance of EPO for KITAS holders in Indonesia.

What is EPO and when do you need it?

According to the Indonesian Immigration Law, EPO is the permission granted by the Indonesian government that allows foreigners with a KITAS to leave Indonesia and not to return.

The purpose of acquiring an EPO for KITAS cancellation is to have a clean slate legally between you and your previous employer by returning all original documents to the authorities.

The regulation can further be explained below:

  1. When a foreigner switches to a new company or changes sponsor of his/her KITAS, an EPO must be obtained before he/she can get a new work permit.
  2. When a foreigner changes the type of his/her KITAS, for instance changing from employment KITAS to retirement KITAS, an EPO is required.
  3. When a foreigner resigns and will no longer work in Indonesia, he/she must apply for an EPO before leaving the country.

Even though the Indonesian immigration does not strictly require foreigners to go through the EPO process immediately after resigning, it is highly recommended for their previous company to do this the soonest possible, even when the KITAS has not expired yet.

Note that although your previous company is responsible for your EPO process, you are also partially obliged to cancel your KITAS by getting an EPO. Upon the completion of the EPO process, the foreigner must leave Indonesia within 5-7 days. The required period to leave Indonesia might be shorter depending on the rules set by the local immigration.

Requirements and Procedure for EPO

It is mandatory to go through the EPO process and cancel your KITAS if you no longer stay or work in Indonesia, switch your employer, or change your type of KITAS. If you are still in Indonesia, it would be best to consult a professional like Cekindo for your EPO procedure.

The following documents are required for your EPO application:

  • A copy of your outbound flight ticket from Indonesia
  • Your original passport
  • All original documents relevant to the KITAS you are currently holding, including DPKK payment and RPTKA Approval


However, if you have left Indonesia and forgot to apply for an EPO, you will have to apply for an Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP) when you are abroad. The following documents are needed to process your ERP:

  • A copy of your outbound flight ticket from Indonesia
  • A copy of exit stamp in your passport showing that you have left Indonesia
  • All original documents relevant to the KITAS you are currently holding, including DPKK payment and RPTKA Approval


It is critical to process your ERP if you intend to enter Indonesia again in the future.

Leaving Indonesia without KITAS Cancellation

It is not an issue if you leave Indonesia with a valid KITAS and decide not to return to Indonesia in the future. However, if you plan to re-enter the country and your KITAS has expired during the time when you are abroad, you will be faced with administrative immigration issues.

Once the Indonesian immigration authorities inspect that your KITAS has not been cancelled with an EPO when you return to Indonesia, you might be summoned for interrogation. Or, you may be refused to enter into Indonesia at any time.

Should you require further information on KITAS and EPO applications, please get in touch with visa experts at Cekindo. We can assist you in applying for both KITAS and EPO in Indonesia or ERP abroad.

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