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Indonesia Company Registry: Find the Right Information about an Indonesian Company

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The Indonesian government has made many bold efforts in recent years to increase the ease of doing business through regulatory changes. It also positively impacts business or company registration in Jakarta. 

For example, in early 2021, the government formally issued the Positive Investment List (PIL). It lists economic sectors and lines now available for foreign investment. The list functions to ultimately replace the Negative Investment List.

Although the government has liberalized several previously closed industries to 100% foreign ownership, PIL includes a range of business lines labeled “Reserved for Cooperatives and MSME.” 

The list states that at least 51 business lines that are reserved. Some noteworthy include agriculture commodities, communication and information, forestry, tourism, hospitality, etc.

Foreign investors or companies in Jakarta or other cities trying to expand into these business lines must form a local partnership arrangement with Indonesian companies. 

The partnership agreement covers as much as profit sharing, subcontracting, outsourcing, or distribution partnerships. It is strongly suggested that foreign companies must check their prospective partners’ backgrounds before entering any commercial or legal arrangement.

The Indonesia Company Registry service, provided by the Ministry of Human Rights and Legal Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, is a valuable instrument that foreign investors may utilize. 

This article will guide you on making the best of the Company Registry in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

How to Get Information from Indonesia Company Registry

What Information Will You Get?

  1. Company status and details:
    • Legal entity type and status
    • List of business activities (KBLI)
    • Date of deed revisions
    • Company domicile
  2. Capital and shareholder details:
    • List of shareholders
    • List of directors and commissioners
    • Amount of authorized and paid-up capitals
  3. History of the company:
    • All changes in the deed
    • All changes in capital
    • All changes in shareholders, directors, and commissioners

How does Indonesia Company Registry Work?

The Ministry of Human Rights and Legal Affairs’ company registry can be accessed by visiting

You can type and search for the company right on its homepage. Then you must fill out the information request form and proceed to payment. 

The requested company information will be sent by email.

Get More Insights Through Due Diligence and Background Check

Although the information from the company registration in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia may help do an initial company profile research, more is needed to evaluate the risks before making a real investment. This is where due diligence is required.

Due diligence provides a more detailed report on the specific company and involved parties with whom it does business, as well as potential risks or problems that have occurred in the past or may occur in the future before starting your business in Jakarta. 

After acquiring all the facts, one can assess whether or not the targeted company or potential business partner is qualified to be regarded as a healthy business or venture partner in the future.

Indonesia Company Registry

Outsource to Due Diligence Service Provider

Outsourcing due diligence to professionals is profitable to businesses in numerous ways:

  • As crucial as due diligence is to a company, outsourcing this process to professionals can significantly reduce the risk of dealing with unfavorable business conditions.
  • Due diligence service providers are often a team of highly experienced professionals well versed in the local market.
  • Outsourcing this process can save a company a lot of time and money as the service provider is liable for the timely delivery of the work. Moreover, focusing on their core business activity gives them peace of mind.

Save Your Time and Let InCorp Indonesia Assist You

If you want to analyze businesses and know more than what the stats say, InCorp Indonesia’s due diligence team can assist you in reviewing your possible investments.

Our Indonesian Due Diligence specialists can offer you critical information to help you make informed decisions, such as determining the actual worth of your investment and negotiating the best conditions for your deal.

Our consultants have helped companies across various industries, including financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, trade and distribution, healthcare, technology, tourism and hospitality, and e-commerce, to name a few.

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