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10 Reasons A Virtual Office in Bali is Your Ideal Business Solution

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 10 September 2019
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In the past decade, most business owners regarded the formal office space the only way to run businesses. Even though a physical office is still a good option for many, entrepreneurs have started to imagine productivity away from the conventional working environment. The concept of virtual office is gaining popularity in many places, including Bali, a dynamic island with millions of tourists flocking in every year.

The advancement of technology has made the concept of virtual office possible and widely utilised. If you have not used a virtual office to run your business, this article elaborates the 10 reasons a virtual office in Bali is your ideal business solution. Read on.

1. Overheads can be Reduced to a Minimum

A physical office with large overhead costs will lower your business performance significantly. A virtual office requires little money so that you can spend the additional budget on your marketing and talent recruitment. The reason for using a virtual office is that there is no need for you to spend a lot of money to purchase things upfront to set up your office.

2. Complete Facilities in Virtual Office in Bali

You will need access to some facilities when you start to expand your business. These facilities include meeting rooms and office equipment. For example, if you only need a meeting room for an appointment with a client, you will just have to rent the meeting room on a pay-as-you-use basis. No monthly commitment is required.

3. No Long-Term Commitment in Your Bali Virtual Office Package

Unlike a conventional physical office that requires a long-term commitment in lease agreement, virtual office provides you with more flexibility. You can rent a virtual office based on the duration you need: weeks, months or years.

4. Calls, Emails and Mail Handling

A traditional office requires you to hire a full-time receptionist to take care of all the administrative tasks. The salary of the receptionist will add up to your monthly expenses.

However, in a virtual office, there is a professional personnel to take care of all your emails, calls, and mail answering. As such, your business is also regarded as a professional one when all your clients’ requests are attended carefully.

benefits of virtual office in bali

5. Easy to Expand

Since a physical structure is not necessary in the case of a virtual office, business owners can expand their businesses very easily. Offices make it harder to do so because you will need significantly large finance and manpower to do so.

Virtual offices can be operated all over the world and the expansion is unlimited. Therefore, if you want to limit your risk and are not sure if you will expand in the future, virtual office is still your best bet.

6. Lower Costs of Operation

Not only that you need a hefty sum for starting a company in Bali, you will also take monthly maintenance and operational costs into account. These costs will soon drive you out of business if you do not have the capability to offset them. They include office rental, utilities fees, wages and salaries, commute fees, etc. On the contrary, virtual office in Bali saves you from all the trouble.

7. Building Credit

Working from home usually does not allow you to make a loan from banks, even though you are running a legit business. Virtual office allows you to have a prestigious address registered under your business. As a result, you will be able to go through certain regulatory hurdles to run your business smoothly.

8. Boosting Reputation

You want your business to be perceived as reputable and professional. Being a reputable business is the long-term strategy for your business success. A virtual office is usually located at prominent location with prestigious address that you can use for the incorporation process, your website and your business card.

9. Virtual Office in Bali can Enhance Productivity

It has shown that hiring remote workers increase productivity significantly. This is because employees have the freedom to work at their own terms, so they will provide the best quality of their work.

10. Market Survey Opportunities

It is best to research and test the market before you dive into setting up an office in Bali. You need to know if you will get the best profits by having a physical office for your business field in certain location in Bali.


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How Cekindo Virtual Office in Bali can Help Your Business

Cekindo’s virtual office solution is the best solution to accommodate your modern business needs. It is an ideal choice for companies of all sizes and most business sectors. By using our virtual office in Bali, you can minimise the overhead costs and expose yourself into a more professional working environment.

Cekindo provides virtual office solutions in Bali (also in Jakarta and Semarang) that come with the following benefits:

  • Professional and prestigious office address to boost company image
  • Mailing address for receiving and sending mails or packages
  • Dedicated phone numbers with call handling
  • Meeting and conference rooms of various sizes (by request)
  • Domicile letter or residence certificate (included in Cekindo’s one-year service package)


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