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Why It is Important to Work with Only One BPO Partner in Indonesia

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 11 February 2020
  • 4 minute reading time

Business process outsourcing, or BPO, has long been an effective way to help businesses grow in Indonesia.

However, many companies are hesitant to use them because they find it hard to admit that they need help.

If you cannot afford to provide poor customer service and lose loyal customers, or don’t want to suffer from deteriorating performance, you need to know how BPO can save you time and make it easy for you to scale your business.

Finding the perfect BPO partner may take some time as you want a BPO provider that offers you quality service with the most value.

Therefore, many business owners will resort to multiple BPO partners in order to get the “best deal”.

Although working with multiple BPO partners has its advantages, collaborating with one outsourcing partner is more ideal due to the efficiency and consistency that it offers.

In this article, Cekindo will elaborate the benefits of working with only one BPO partner in Indonesia and why you should consider doing so.

Partnering with One BPO Partner Only: The Important Reasons

Greater Efficiency

Your business process will be more efficient if you have a single point of contact. All issues can be dealt with immediately by getting in touch with one partner.

As with multiple BPO models, you will have to contact several service providers for your outsourcing functions, with the potential to create misunderstandings.

Higher Transparency

A single BPO will have to make sure that they complete your business process from the very beginning to the very end.

Therefore, the process is more streamlined, leading to more transparency and allowing you to detect potential errors and unforeseen mistakes. Transparency like this produces valuable inputs to ensure a more effortless process in the future.

Reduced Costs

Reducing costs is definitely one of the objectives of every business. Working with a single BPO partner can help your business save costs tremendously.

Costs such as delivery charges and handling fees will all be decreased if all processes are executed by a single BPO provider.

Also, paying only one BPO partner every month cuts down your accounting workload significantly.

Stronger Partnership and Accountability

Collaborating with only one BPO partner allows you to build a strong partnership. When your BPO partner is entirely responsible for all your outsourced business processes, they will treat your business more seriously.

As such, errors and mistakes will be avoided and they can’t shift their responsibility to others when issues occur.

Heightened Brand Image

When your business operations are executed by the same BPO provider, it can in fact enhance your work quality and thus boost your brand image and reputation.

This is especially true when you outsource your customer service to a single BPO partner – your clients will have the highest quality of customer experience through consistent communications and brand messages.

Cekindo as Your BPO Partner in Indonesia

Cekindo provides a wide array of business process outsourcing services to businesses in Indonesia. We understand that BPO is now a growing and essential requirement for most organisations.

At Cekindo, we simply do it better with qualified specialists, proven systems, the latest technology and rigorous processes.

You are able to receive significant and instant benefits in terms of cost reduction, performance enhancement, and customer satisfaction.

Now, you can depend on our customised, quality and unmatched BPO solutions to handle your business functions so that you can focus on your business interests while saving you time and money.

Here are the BPO services Cekindo offer to help your company adapt to changing times and drive improvements in your business:


Cekindo offers personalised BPO solutions for your different business and customer needs. Let’s get started with us today by filling in the form below.

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