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Construction Companies in Indonesia: How to Prepare a Construction Agreement

How Construction Companies in Indonesia should Prepare a Construction Agreement

It is impossible for construction companies to enter a construction project or set up a construction company in Indonesia without a proper construction agreement enforced by the Indonesian Law. Not having a construction agreement before starting a construction project in place is a serious violation and parties involved may have to face severe sanctions.

Therefore, just like any significant economic transactions, it is crucial for parties entering into a construction project to have a written construction agreement that is recognised by authorities.

Items to be Included in a Construction Agreement

A construction agreement in Indonesia must be in both English and Indonesian languages and Indonesian is regarded as the ruling language.

Important items to be included in a construction agreement per Indonesian Construction Law are shown below:

  • Both parties’ detailed identities
  • The project scope including scope description, project value, and project duration
  • The coverage period including work and maintenance period
  • Both parties’ rights and obligations
  • The payment method and guarantee
  • The use of construction laborers and workers including hiring only certified construction employees
  • Default including the consequences when either one party fails to perform the contractual obligations
  • Contract termination and its obligations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Force majeure
  • Employee and worker protection including both parties’ obligations and regulatory provisions
  • Building failure including both parties’ obligations and regulatory provisions
  • Third party’s protection
  • Legal responsibilities and risk guarantees to other parties involved in the construction work implementation or building failure
  • Environmental protection requirements and both parties’ obligations

How to Start a Construction Company in Indonesia

Two options are available for foreigners to open a construction company in Indonesia. You can either establish a foreign limited liability company known as PT PMA or a foreign construction service representative office known as BUJKA.

Establishing a PT PMA

Many foreigners choose to open a PT PMA right from the start so that they can generate income as soon as possible. Below are the requirements for starting a PT PMA construction company in Indonesia:

1. Decide the type of construction services. You can choose to be a consultant, a contractor, or both (integrated construction service).

2. Select your business classification and sub-classification. If you wish to set up integrated construction services, you will need to obtain the Business Entity Certificate (Surat Buka Usaha – SBU). Classifications for integrated construction services can be described as such:

  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Water supply and sanitation works
  • Oil and gas facilities

3. Find a local partner. Since construction sectors in Indonesia are not fully open to foreign investors and thus you need to partner with an Indonesian national. A foreigner can own up to 67% shares of a PT PMA. Your local partner must have relevant and cumulative experience in the field.

4. Obtain the permit known as IUJK or Izin Usaha Jasa Konstruksi.

Establishing a BUJKA

Setting up a BUJKA is a fast and easy way for foreigners to get into the construction market scene in Indonesia. Also, a BUJKA of large foreign companies can only be involved in large-scale and high-technical construction projects.

1. Obtain an SBU

2. Acquire an IUJK

3. Join operation with a local company known as PT

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