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Product Registration and Import in Indonesia

Product registration is a must for entrepreneurs looking to knock on Indonesia’s door

The scope of products imported and distributed in Indonesia is growing immensely and getting to know what licenses you should apply for is extremely challenging.

A reliable local partner or agency can assist you to deal with the confusion and handle all paperwork on your behalf. Cekindo can help you to do the product registration and import for your business in Indonesia.

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Medical devices

Indonesia is the most emerging market in medical devices in ASEAN. Both high demand and lack of local companies in the field increase the value of the market.

Food and Beverage

Indonesians are very open to new foods and beverages which provides extensive opportunities for foreign business players, especially for halal certification holders.


Growing middle class and national standards are the perfect base for business with cosmetics products. However, even these are not exempt from the halal certification requirement.

Food Supplement

Following the western trend of leading a healthy lifestyle, the Indonesian market for food supplement is growing bigger.

Household products

Household products that maintain and treat human health are one of the most frequently imported commodities to Indonesia.

Halal Certification

For businesses to label their products as halal, halal certification is mandatory — for Muslims to judge if certain products are permissible to consume or use.

Latest News

Medical Product Registration in Indonesia

Indonesia’s thriving population, growing economy and still largely underdeveloped health sector make the perfect combination for up-and-coming business with medical products in this country. Since the domestic production is mostly oriented on some of the disposable items, other consumable medical products, high value-added products and sophisticated devices must be imported. It brings bright prospect for …

Key Points about Import Business License in Indonesia

One of the most important things that anyone who wants to start a business in Indonesia and import goods into the country needs is the import business license. Without an import business license, you will not be able to get through the customs clearance. Regardless of how small, or how big your shipments are, you …

Halal Certification in Indonesia

Halal industry in Indonesia has been seen as a gold mine for many investors. We are not trying to exaggerate things, amounting to 14 percent of the total Muslim population in the world is in Indonesia.  Among the 250 million people in Indonesia, approximately 88 percent of them are Muslims. As of 2017, 1.8 billion …

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