How to Ensure Hassle-Free Recruitment and Payroll Management in Indonesia: The Shortcuts

How to Ensure Hassle-Free Recruitment and Payroll Management in Indonesia: The Shortcuts

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 24 July 2020
  • 3 minute reading time

It is without doubt that to survive, grow and be successful, every business needs recruitment to hire the right employees and payroll management to pay the employees in Indonesia. However, not every business manages to handle recruitment and payroll management the right and hassle-free way.

After having your company registered with full compliance in Indonesia, you need to focus on recruiting the best talent that can help elevate your business to the next level.

That is why we prepared this article. Keep reading to know about all the essentials you need about recruitment and payroll management in Indonesia, all in one place.

Recruitment and Payroll Management in Indonesia: The Shortcuts

Before getting into any other discussions, here is the first article that you need to read through:

Then, it would be useful to also know other matters on recruitment and payroll management while doing business in the country:

Recruitment of Foreign Workers in Indonesia

If you are planning to hire foreign workers for your company in Indonesia, the following articles will be useful for you:

Don’t Forget about Employee Background Check

It is also important to keep in mind about performing background check on potential candidates before hiring them. Taking precautions is always better to mitigate risks, minimise recruitment and training costs and save time and resources spent on recruitment.

Here are some articles to guide you on employee background check or due diligence in Indonesia:

Why Don’t You Outsource?

Business process outsourcing, whether it is recruitment or payroll, will undoubtedly be helpful and beneficial to your business, regardless of industry, size and type.

Below, you can read through the benefits of outsourcing your recruitment and payroll in Indonesia, and why every business, including yours, needs it.

Hassle-Free Recruitment and Payroll Management in Indonesia with Cekindo

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We can also be your Employer of Record or Professional Employer Organisation in Indonesia.

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According to the Indonesia’s Manpower Law employers can hire the Indonesian talents either under a temporary or a permanent contract.

  • Prohibit any form of discrimination and provide equal opportunity for Indonesians and expatriates
  • Increase the competence of the workers by giving or encouraging job training
  • Follow the procedures of termination (Terminating an employee in Indonesia can be a long, tedious, and expensive process.)
  • Observe the working hours, holidays, and overtime regulations
  • Give mandatory employee benefits including social security and health insurance
  • Withhold only the right amount of income tax on behalf of the employees
  • Follow the wages and other benefits outlined by the law
  • Process the work permits for foreign employees

Throughout the years, our HR specialists have had extensive experience in an array of industries. They possess the required skills and ability to ask the right questions, regardless of industry.

As a leading recruitment outsourcing provider in Indonesia, InCorp offers comprehensive services. We will conduct an in-depth background check on candidates to verify references and qualifications.